Losing weight efficiently

January 02, 2024

Calorie deficit

Let get the obvious out of the way. You need to burn more calories than you take in. Hoever this doesn’t need to be a slog as the following shows.

Slow but Consistent

It’s ok to be slow but consistent. What happens most often as you set out to lose weight as quickly as possible. This may have success in the first week or two but sooner rather than later there will be a crash and a few days of binge eating will have all the weight back.

The better thing to do is start by eating a bit healthier. After the same number of weeks as above you will still have lost some weight but will feel good about continuing the process.

So what’s better losing a kg every two weeks and gaining it back the next 2 or losing one kg over a 4 weeks and being ready to keep going.

Limit Junk

The single best thing I did was limiting junk food. I said limiting not eliminating. If you can eliminate and feel good about it that’s even better but I like the odd backet of crisps or bar of chocalate. But rather that being my old self and gorging on junk every night, I allow for whatever I want as ling as it’s within my daily calories.

And lets nod kid ourselves, we all know when we over do it. It’s having a bit of discipline when you know you have had enough. This can be difficult at first but when you’ve had enough of your current weight and I mean really had enough, you will find the willpower.

Increase Protein

This doesn’t have to be a huge increase but if you can have more protein in your meals this will both help for exercise but also make you feel full more that if say eating carbs. On that notw with this increase, slightly decrease the carbs of the plate.

Healthy snacks front and center

Your willpower will be tested so it’s a good idea to have healthy snacks front an center that you can just pick up. Fruit and yogurts would be my go to. If you feel like something more substantiial, a portion of oats with protein powder and some blueburries is a great snack. Just keep track of the calories for this one.

Weight training and cardio

Weight training is the best bang for your buck to help. Depending on your experience this will differ but just start slow and try to increase weights every one to two weeks.

I also did lots of running. I wanted to get better at this as I only ran 5km before. I’m not increasing this and am running 30km plus a week. This obviously has helped me but I don’t expect everyone to do this. If I would choose one it would be weights as cardio can make you extra hungy, but I have found running great for the body and mind.


I tend to skip breakfast and start eating at lunch. This isn’t a must but if you are struggling to limit calories this is a great way to cut a few hundred calories. There are many fasting protocols but this just a simple thing I can do.

If yuo don’t have a problem, I do think three meals a day is better to keep you satiented but to each their own.

Daily weight check

This one is diffecult at first as you won’t see instant results, and may even see weight gain intially. But after a few weeks this is great motivation as you see the scale gradually go down daily. Just check at the same time each day. I usually do as soon as I wake up as that is usually when I’d be my lightest

Drink plenty of water.

I think it’s always recommended to drink more than 2L of water. I find this hard as I’m always up to the bathroom. So I just have a bottle of water always with me and sip when I can.

I hope these tips help. I’m stil on my own journey but you can check out my Instram for more updates 4 month update